i fall in love

i fall on love, i depressed on it.
i try to climb from it,i cannot climb it,
it is so deep and  full of  romance
and it has happiness and sorrows.

whenever i see her,i forget the present life,
feelings are taking me to dream world.
her eyes are arresting me
and dragging me to love prison.

my mind is thinking of our future life
my heart is thinking of her name,
my hands are attracting to hold her hands
my hormones are eager to catch her .

i'm standing like a ancient statue.
my legs are without movement
i cannot hear other sounds, feeling like in heaven
but i can predict the hell is near to me

i cannot climb from it,
so i tried and made myself to forget her
but i forget it, whenever i'm seeing her
and again i fall on love.
                                                                                                       -senthil kumar
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