Before  60 millions of years , the earth is covered with plants,water and animals, god created everything , he use to create new living beings everyday ,they are different from other in shape,habitat e.t.c.

 if there is someone good  
,definitely bad creatures will be there to destroy to  good things.

one day evil started to think cruel, he want to destroy the ideas of god , so he made a meeting with other evils, at last they decided to create a creature ,it has 6 sense and it can destroy the other things too, they named the creature "GIRL", "She's fabulous, but she's evil. "this means she looks gorgeous to attract everybody but she she is too dangerous  even many mathematicians proved ..........

It is known that time is money,
so by substitution, we obtain:
Given that money is the root of all evil,
this expression is in fact equivalent to
math (*)
Until recently, it was thought that the following result could be deduced:
However, this has recently been disproved by leading mathematicians. The previous proof neglects the important detail that evil is negative, and so the equation marked with a (*) simplifies to the following equation:
Therefore girls are equal to absolute evil.
                so we have proof for that, so they are ready to attack the earth . god was shocked by seeing these creatures. he started to create some new creatures o stop this evils.he created many things like dinosaurs,mammoths and giant creatures , but these creatures were failed . then he find ed they have 6 sense, again god started to create a creature which looks opposite to girls and even structure and body parts looks opposite to each other ,even he made some new things in this creature like hormones. he named it as "boy or male" .
the girls were destroying the gorgeous earth, the boys were forced to fight against them , they started to show there extra power hormones,a weapon used to attract girls .
boys make girls as mother.mother means "she is the one who really cares".
we can also say in simple words" Mother is an undying love"and" nobody can give affection and love like our mother". 
evils were destroyed by god by his creature. the evolution of humans story is here. 
                                                                                                   -senthil kumar
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