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Vijayakanth may remake drunken monkey movie

vijayakanth ,who populalry known as actor/poltician . His debut film is"Inikum Ilamai" ,he acted over 150 films . 
He formed the center-left winged Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK), a regional political party in Tamil Nadu.He formally announced the party's formation on 14 September 2005 in Madurai. his last film was "Viruthagiri".

The film is a remake of the French/English movie Taken. during promoting his political party in 2011 election, he accepted that he was drunkard  while speaking in public. some rumors says " he was promoting the ad of his next movie which will be a remake of chinese film " THE DRUNKEN MONKEY" . some of them say he will be doing this film with hollywood stunt artists. since vijayakanth didnot revealded about this to public and media so we could not confirm it.simce tn people know he is perfect actor for this movie.

smoking is good!

Do you smoke? , you may irritate by some peoples who hates when they scold you for smoking. But there are numerous good things about smoking. Smoking is a kind of drug which takes you to paradise within seconds. The smoking makes your mind cool. Many peoples in the world are addicted to smoking. There are many chain smokers, who smoke more than 6 cigarettes daily. Smoking is also a trend to youngster's which makes the feel of super power. Now I'm going to say some good things about smoking so you can shut the mouths of jealous or greedy peoples. The Good things Of Smoking: It brings revenue to the country, (one of the highest taxes are levied on Cigarettes) so it helps in building the nation by this the economic of the country will be increased. It leads to male impotency so it is an effective measure of population control, so don't stop smoke! We are saving the environment; we are making the planet green. Now just take into account the amount of oxygen that a tobacco plant pr…