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baby with cigarette

Baby with cigarette , i know your shocked by reading this topic. yeah i have  Indonesian cigarette baby. it not mean that he is born with cigarette,he is trained to smoke by his parents. he is smoking like chain smokers. he is also showing some tricks with cigarettes with his hand. smoking two cigarettes at a time . he is something different and crazy but this is not good education for a baby.the baby is only 2 year old ! 

Another shocking news about the baby is 

"indonesian baby on 40 cigarettes a day"

the video is posted below !

 i'm not trying to spread this silly habit .i'm publishing the innocent world ! 

top 10 replies during love proposal

i conducted  poll about girls replies during love proposal , i got many  replies from various people. here i have the top 10 replies.

1.idiot ( most of girls use this simple sensible word to thrash you guys) idea ( some girls use to say like this , because they don't know meaning of  "no idea")
3.we will be friends forever ( do you know ? getting friend as wife/husband , then your life will be smoother) 
4.i hate love ( she/ he hate love , don't know what means love,affection)
5.i hate you ( popular word among girls)
6.ouch! my parents will kill me( he/she is not caring about his/her future)
7.i should think about this (  i think you heard this word often from girls)
8.not now,later!( later when you get older)
9.i have to study( this is a popular word)
10.sorry ,I'm loving Justin bieber  ( i think you don't need any  reasons for this reply , i heard this word often  from girls and  a popular word too)

no end

Early morning 6.00 am , students were standing in front of browsing center. i asked a student he said waiting for +2 or 12th result. then i came to know about it, then i started laughing because next year I'm going to write 12th government exam. 

after 9.00 am i came outside again, many students were started leaving from center. but many guys were crying , i asked one guy how much he got? he said" hey !I'm failed" i know that he is crying. i asked him to stop his tears. i know that this 12th is not going to fix our future. i seen many guys around  me were crying about there poor marks.
 did they done any criminal activities? then why they are crying for there silly marks. i know mark will not make you to shine. every elder peoples use to say 12th marks is life deciding . but i will not believe this kind of pranks. you got precious life,don't cry for silly things. 
you have many days to live. you have time to mark your future. don't feel hard about the marks, pas…

facebook funny mania

facebook funny mania, it is a imaginary  funny activities  .If popular Indians  are in facebook what they will do?

here i have top 10 funny activities .

1.nityanand swami is now friends with karnataka police.

2.sania mirza is now friends with India and Pakistan and she changed her location to Dubai.

3. laloo prasad yadav likes the group" we don't know English"

4.sonia agarwal  is single now.selva likes this.

 5. bcci ignored the invitation sent by lalit modi

6. Viswanathan Anand likes support less India 

7.dhoni unlike West indies t20 world cup

8.India removed his friendship with Pakistan. 

9.kushboo likes pre-marital sex.

10.deepika padukone is single now.


am i irresponsible? last night  my heart was severely injured by a sensible man. he is  manager of  my school. i went to school normally and sat on the bench . i waited for the teacher, my friends came to the class. teacher entered the class. he is physics teacher. he started taking physics.

 the whole day went fine. the class is over now, i tried to walk out of the class, but the assistant of the school manager came and asked me stay in the class for five minutes. he gave last weeks physics test paper to my class students, i written well , i thought i will get through this test.

 but he gave all the paper to students. i asked him about my paper. he told me to meet the manager. i went the school office. he is in angry mood. i entered in, he searched my paper. it is under some bunch of papers. i can see the half the marks, it is only 14/75. very bad how is it possible? .

 he started murmuring  about marks, i don't hear to those idiotic noises. but his voice asks my soul, &q…