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how to escape from raksha bandhan girls?

raksha bandhan is a traditional festival celebrated in india among hindus.which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana (Shravan Poornima) The festival is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. to know more about this festival just click here
but some girls misuse this day to check whether the his boyfriend attitude among her. like the picture posted above. to escape from evil attitude of girls . i have some ideas and plans which Will be useful for many kind hearted males.

1. if you have any furious breed of dogs, take with you so no girl can come near you!!!:p
2.if you don't have dogs, then try to act like drunken person with alcohol  bottles , girls will be scared( sorry some girls may come near you and a ask a glass of alcohol ,our company is not responsible for this.conditions apply).
3.if you feel sh…

who make blunders in love?

love, a  magic part of life. everybody like to have love in their life. but the lovers are not moving in smooth way they also have some problems. if so, who blunder in love? i made a list , i taken some points  and i also give percentage for the each category . lets see.

first the persons blunder in lover is the lovers(both male and female) male: he think he is superior than her, he knows everything , he try to do strange things in front of her. these extraordinary things will mess up then there will be a big fight with each . -55% male will blunder in love.
female:she thinks she is beautiful than the girls standing in front of his boy friend, feeling she is so cute,speaking boldly even thou it is wrong,speaking unnecessary ,watching like spy , knowing only half of the situations happening around her( you can see this type of scene in many films)-60 % female will blunder in love
siblings: brother and sister of both male and female will not help in love. they  often give bad ideas to cut d…

371th Birthday for chennai

Chennai, one of the biggest  and important city in India. Chennai is a beautiful and important place. it is the capital of tamilnadu. since British conquered India they settled in some places, Chennai is among those cities. the birthday of Chennai is calculated from the day of British conquered the place named madras. it was changed the name as Chennai now. now it was celebrating his 371 Th birthday on 22 Th august 2010. Chennai is famous for many memorial places, developed in transport ,industries,security and political level. it have one of the world longest beach in the world, marina beach. i hope you know well about Chennai, so best wishes to Chennai .i;m a chennain  and i m proud to be here.