My Idiotic Interview Story

The sun was rising at the east , i was brushing in front of the bathroom mirror . it was a important day in my life , because I'm going to attend an interview . after finishing my degree it was my first interview i hope i will be selected yesterday i was bit busy by reading all semesters books .  and you should remind this " i had 16 arrears "
 you know I'm a big idiot  sometimes i used to speak like vijayakanth (who doesn't speak steadily, correctly and speaking something nonsense which is not necessary)

i was at the interview office , everyone looks professional even the office maid looks so professional. the interview begins ,
Now it's my chance

i went inside there were three officers (looks like manada mayilada judges)

officer:  welcome! what is Ur name ? please give Ur certificates?

me: it's my pleasure , i am senthilkumar, certificates are here sir !

officer : that's OK  , what is the product of 6* 8

me: OMG! i studied whole night about Internet terms , software developments  but what is this ?

officer: please tell the answer ?

me : 42 ( since i  know tables from 5 Th std but i forget now )

i came outside and   multiplies those numbers in my scientific calculator it shows 48 i was shocked and i thought i lost this simple chance
i decided to walk away from the office, but  a man called me and said " officers were calling you immediately "

i thought they were going to ask " are you human don't know even simple tables which idiotic college you studied?"

but everything reversed inside the room
 DO YOU KNOW ? I GOT THE JOB , salary is  20,000 /- per month.

what happened inside the room?
officer: congratulation's! we selected you?

me: what ? really my answer was wrong

officer: ya! but today interview there were 100 persons participated in the interview ,the same question was asked for every one but every one said wrong answer but yours answer was near to the correct  answer ( i.e.nobody said 48 and higher than 42 )

MORAL:  Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent .

Do what you like

Life is a cycle we have to cross many kilometer's we may have some problem with it but we should solve it , to go forward. you can make sarcasm like actor siva by saying " I'm afraid off to take that cycle"[in saroja movie] .cinema is different from real life  and this is serious too.Do what you like , what it means when you are taking a decision about you're future or about something serious go ahead in you're way .don't get distracted what the surroundings shout at you.the people may kill you with their words but nothing can be succeeded without hard work and having passion about it.

i hear ed many real life love stories, even i love to hear like those the  surrounding's take in different type of situations:

*(based on true story): A girl from middle -class but the boy was rich ,both loved each other .at one situation this news came into the girl's mother ear . her mother was frustrated and she used to beat her daughter whenever  the boy appeared in her eyes. then her mother forced her to marry her brother . Do you know? the girl was married at the age of 19. even though boy was good and rich she forced her  because of one reason " what the surrounding will think about her and she was very much care about her dignity than her daughter's love.

But one thing is cleared if you care what other's will talk about you , you will loose your confidence .

For example: Take a village and  i was living there. total population of the village is 250. then if someone is coming  to you're village and they were asking about you :
 "100 peoples will say " he was good man "  and another 100 peoples will say " he was bad guy" and 50 peoples will talk good in front off you but when you turn back they will speak non-sense about you."

Again life is cycle , but there is end when we start. just pedaling from start line and finishing at end line is not our job we should  win many races  like problems in our life so don't care what the people talking about you DO WHAT YOU LIKE AND GO AHEAD  THEN SUCCESS WILL KNOCK THE DOOR

Otherside of amy jackson

I know  you clicked the link when you saw the name amy jackson itself because she is a model who won miss liverpool and Jackson won the Miss Teen World competition in 2008. She  starred in the successful Tamil period-drama,Madrasapattinam in 2010. many tamil nadu peoples watched her as great lady . but she just acted in that movie since she is a model there is a other side of amy too!

WARNING: who ever intrested in amy jackson can see this! i don't restrict this to + 18 because this is important than our work.

click the link  it was only wall poster but i am sure that you will stunned and will search for the other half of picture . please wait i will give message when the site is updated ! it's our duty :) 

click here>>> amylouisejackson  

Vijayakanth may remake drunken monkey movie

vijayakanth ,who populalry known as actor/poltician . His debut film is"Inikum Ilamai" ,he acted over 150 films . 
He formed the center-left winged Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK), a regional political party in Tamil Nadu.He formally announced the party's formation on 14 September 2005 in Madurai. his last film was "Viruthagiri".

The film is a remake of the French/English movie Taken. during promoting his political party in 2011 election, he accepted that he was drunkard  while speaking in public. some rumors says " he was promoting the ad of his next movie which will be a remake of chinese film " THE DRUNKEN MONKEY" . some of them say he will be doing this film with hollywood stunt artists. since vijayakanth didnot revealded about this to public and media so we could not confirm it.simce tn people know he is perfect actor for this movie.

smoking is good!

Do you smoke? , you may irritate by some peoples who hates when they scold you for smoking. But there are numerous good things about smoking. Smoking is a kind of drug which takes you to paradise within seconds. The smoking makes your mind cool. Many peoples in the world are addicted to smoking. There are many chain smokers, who smoke more than 6 cigarettes daily. Smoking is also a trend to youngster's which makes the feel of super power. Now I'm going to say some good things about smoking so you can shut the mouths of jealous or greedy peoples.
The Good things Of Smoking:
It brings revenue to the country, (one of the highest taxes are levied on Cigarettes) so it helps in building the nation by this the economic of the country will be increased.
It leads to male impotency so it is an effective measure of population control, so don't stop smoke!
We are saving the environment; we are making the planet green. Now just take into account the amount of oxygen that a tobacco plant produces in a lifetime and compare that with the amount of toxic waste that cigarette from the same plant produces. It is way too less, not to mention that on the death of plant the same waste would be released to the environment. So we are making a good thing in our life by smoking. Don’t stop smoke!
It builds self-confidence, keeps your morale high. It cures your tension and gives you right decision when you’re have trouble in making a right decision.
It helps you stretch to the extreme, so you can work in nights. So you can get more money by having a luxury smoke by giving small amount of money.
The cancer is linked with smoking, but it's not proof. Only 1 in 3 of us will get lung cancer. (By "us" I also include non smokers too). So don't stop smoke!
Nicotine has a positive effect on  ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining, and this disorder affects nonsmokers more than smokers actually recovered better from a heart attack than nonsmokers "Sick smokers may burden a country's health care system but dead smokers save governments money. So don't stop smoke!
It has its own charisma; simply you can say smoking is bliss.
When you fell happy or sad the smoking is the place of paradise for you.
" there is popular quote" Smoking is one of the leading causes of all statistics".
I think you got many good things about smoking, so start smoking.

So don't stop your smoke! Be crazy! :) you can find this post on 21fools which was written by me! 

how to escape from raksha bandhan girls?

                                                      raksha bandhan is a traditional festival celebrated in india among hindus.which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana (Shravan Poornima) The festival is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. to know more about this festival just click here

but some girls misuse this day to check whether the his boyfriend attitude among her. like the picture posted above. to escape from evil attitude of girls . i have some ideas and plans which Will be useful for many kind hearted males.

1. if you have any furious breed of dogs, take with you so no girl can come near you!!!:p

2.if you don't have dogs, then try to act like drunken person with alcohol  bottles , girls will be scared( sorry some girls may come near you and a ask a glass of alcohol ,our company is not responsible for this.conditions apply).

3.if you feel shy to do above idea then try to put a plaster in your hand as big as possible, say the reason" oh! my hands were fractured blah blah blah.......

4.if you have speaking spirit , then say" hey you can try to tie it , because now only you're sister came and tied here , then you should be my wife"( please claps and vissils are not allowed here)

5.simple , take a rose  and stand before the girl who is coming to tie rakhi.(if you get a lover by this, please give you're lover phone number)

6.better take chocolate cream and paste it in you're hands but say to the girls that " oh sorry i dip my hands in to********(sister or ******* better try ******)

7. simple idea better sit in you're home and hear you're scary stories from you're friends
8.better we will take rakhi and we will search the girls, city will be empty without girls.

9.send a message to you all girls that" I'm going to propose love to my sweetie on that day" ( sorry you cannot propose even to a female crow, all were feared about you're proposal.)

10. Atlast , a sweet idea  , ask the girl to tie you're friend ( now logic: if you're friend is brother (machi) then his sister can be married by you( don't know whether you understand this , if you're a tamilian you can know this funny concept).

i hope you got a idea , don't runaway just be cool.

                                                                HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN!! to my sisters