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My Idiotic Interview Story

The sun was rising at the east , i was brushing in front of the bathroom mirror . it was a important day in my life , because I'm going to attend an interview . after finishing my degree it was my first interview i hope i will be selected yesterday i was bit busy by reading all semesters books .  and you should remind this " i had 16 arrears "
 you know I'm a big idiot  sometimes i used to speak like vijayakanth (who doesn't speak steadily, correctly and speaking something nonsense which is not necessary)

i was at the interview office , everyone looks professional even the office maid looks so professional. the interview begins ,
Now it's my chance

i went inside there were three officers (looks like manada mayilada judges)

officer:  welcome! what is Ur name ? please give Ur certificates?

me: it's my pleasure , i am senthilkumar, certificates are here sir !

officer : that's OK  , what is the product of 6* 8

me: OMG! i studied whole night about Interne…