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FolloW InDiA!

follow india!   i got a idea to unite all indian twitter peoples by this post, it is easy to connect indians, first you have to enter your name down and you should retweet this post your friends , when a indian look on to this post . he can follow you , so you can increase your followers and he will be  from your country too so don't waste time , start enter your name and tweet this post !:)

follow everyone below!

now follow the instructions given below to enter your name:
1. you have to click the" click here to enter'' 
2.a new linky tools page will appear , now you have to enter your name!
3. type your name without space , type your twitter username and start typing with @
4.paste your twitter profile url in your link option.

5. it will take time to show your name in this page so don't worry!:D
now you'r done and don't forget to tweet about this post so you can get many indian followers!:D 

i am my own hero

believe and act yourself like a hero,feel that you're a hero ,act like you're hero,think that you're a hero and you will be seen by others as HERO.

your talents will be increased like stars in sky and your maturity will be developed like growth of tree,
throw your shyness and selfish  then the world will be at back of you

dhonis heart speaks out!

How to Entertain A Shreya Ghoshal Fan for Hours ?

how to entertain shreya goshal fans for hours , i have an idea.......................................

atlast ajith in commercial

ajith, a popular actor in tamil film industry, he have a huge group of fans . finding him in commercials, tv shows and film industry functions is rare,but atlast i finded him  in a commercial which was done by some good editors in youtube, thanks to the editor for this big work, it was commercial from vodafone .

how to get more followers in twitter?

twitter is one of the social network to connect with friends, but it has the most users at present.after sigining up , everybody starts to follow others and asking others to follow them . i know it is hard to get followers . but nowdays twitter became a part of thing in our life. so some peoples started websites to cure your problem.