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Do what you like

Life is a cycle we have to cross many kilometer's we may have some problem with it but we should solve it , to go forward. you can make sarcasm like actor siva by saying " I'm afraid off to take that cycle"[in saroja movie] .cinema is different from real life  and this is serious too.Do what you like , what it means when you are taking a decision about you're future or about something serious go ahead in you're way .don't get distracted what the surroundings shout at you.the people may kill you with their words but nothing can be succeeded without hard work and having passion about it.

i hear ed many real life love stories, even i love to hear like those the  surrounding's take in different type of situations:

*(based on true story): A girl from middle -class but the boy was rich ,both loved each other .at one situation this news came into the girl's mother ear . her mother was frustrated and she used to beat her daughter whenever  th…

Otherside of amy jackson

I know  you clicked the link when you saw the name amy jackson itself because she is a model who won miss liverpool and Jackson won the Miss Teen World competition in 2008. She  starred in the successful Tamil period-drama,Madrasapattinam in 2010. many tamil nadu peoples watched her as great lady . but she just acted in that movie since she is a model there is a other side of amy too!

WARNING:who ever intrested in amy jackson can see this! i don't restrict this to + 18 because this is important than our work.
click the link  it was only wall poster but i am sure that you will stunned and will search for the other half of picture . please wait i will give message when the site is updated ! it's our duty :) 
click here>>> amylouisejackson