twitter short words

twitter , a great social network which plays  main role in our life, it helps to express our views to others. there are  many short code words which helps to express your view in 24 characters. you can type only 140 words

. we cannot write more than it.i will help you , i have some word for you!

FTW-for the win.
FTL-for the loss

#IMHO- in my honest opinion.

LMN-let me know
TMB-tweet me back

JV-join venture
BTW-by the way
BR-best regards

DM-direct message.
IRL-in real life.

FTF -face to face.
IMHO-in my honest opinion.
LOL-laugh out loud

BRB-be right back
TTYL-talk to you later.

there  are many words but this post will not have end.