no end

Early morning 6.00 am , students were standing in front of browsing center. i asked a student he said waiting for +2 or 12th result. then i came to know about it, then i started laughing because next year I'm going to write 12th government exam. 

after 9.00 am i came outside again, many students were started leaving from center. but many guys were crying , i asked one guy how much he got? he said" hey ! I'm failed" i know that he is crying. i asked him to stop his tears. i know that this 12th is not going to fix our future. i seen many guys around  me were crying about there poor marks.

 did they done any criminal activities? then why they are crying for there silly marks. i know mark will not make you to shine. every elder peoples use to say 12th marks is life deciding . but i will not believe this kind of pranks. you got precious life,don't cry for silly things. 

you have many days to live. you have time to mark your future. don't feel hard about the marks, past is past , see the present life and make a idea about your future then you will succeed your in your life. this mark is the stepping stones of your life. 

don't think your life is ended. don't feel your alone. don't dream about idiotic ideas    to leave this world. your not alone you have many things to enjoy. "stay here  and rock on the world"
i know the world is like a game , we are players we should finish the game by completing missions. mission is like a age of human. game is like a life. 

so play your game . you have no end until  you decide the end point. so decide positively .
i know a proverb which influences me much i don't  know who written that but he should be a great man
"work hard to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get" really amazing proverb. please live the life  don't leave from this world for this silly things. we have many things to do.