My Idiotic Interview Story

The sun was rising at the east , i was brushing in front of the bathroom mirror . it was a important day in my life , because I'm going to attend an interview . after finishing my degree it was my first interview i hope i will be selected yesterday i was bit busy by reading all semesters books .  and you should remind this " i had 16 arrears "
 you know I'm a big idiot  sometimes i used to speak like vijayakanth (who doesn't speak steadily, correctly and speaking something nonsense which is not necessary)

i was at the interview office , everyone looks professional even the office maid looks so professional. the interview begins ,
Now it's my chance

i went inside there were three officers (looks like manada mayilada judges)

officer:  welcome! what is Ur name ? please give Ur certificates?

me: it's my pleasure , i am senthilkumar, certificates are here sir !

officer : that's OK  , what is the product of 6* 8

me: OMG! i studied whole night about Internet terms , software developments  but what is this ?

officer: please tell the answer ?

me : 42 ( since i  know tables from 5 Th std but i forget now )

i came outside and   multiplies those numbers in my scientific calculator it shows 48 i was shocked and i thought i lost this simple chance
i decided to walk away from the office, but  a man called me and said " officers were calling you immediately "

i thought they were going to ask " are you human don't know even simple tables which idiotic college you studied?"

but everything reversed inside the room
 DO YOU KNOW ? I GOT THE JOB , salary is  20,000 /- per month.

what happened inside the room?
officer: congratulation's! we selected you?

me: what ? really my answer was wrong

officer: ya! but today interview there were 100 persons participated in the interview ,the same question was asked for every one but every one said wrong answer but yours answer was near to the correct  answer ( i.e.nobody said 48 and higher than 42 )

MORAL:  Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent .