how to escape from raksha bandhan girls?

                                                      raksha bandhan is a traditional festival celebrated in india among hindus.which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shraavana (Shravan Poornima) The festival is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. to know more about this festival just click here

but some girls misuse this day to check whether the his boyfriend attitude among her. like the picture posted above. to escape from evil attitude of girls . i have some ideas and plans which Will be useful for many kind hearted males.

1. if you have any furious breed of dogs, take with you so no girl can come near you!!!:p

2.if you don't have dogs, then try to act like drunken person with alcohol  bottles , girls will be scared( sorry some girls may come near you and a ask a glass of alcohol ,our company is not responsible for this.conditions apply).

3.if you feel shy to do above idea then try to put a plaster in your hand as big as possible, say the reason" oh! my hands were fractured blah blah blah.......

4.if you have speaking spirit , then say" hey you can try to tie it , because now only you're sister came and tied here , then you should be my wife"( please claps and vissils are not allowed here)

5.simple , take a rose  and stand before the girl who is coming to tie rakhi.(if you get a lover by this, please give you're lover phone number)

6.better take chocolate cream and paste it in you're hands but say to the girls that " oh sorry i dip my hands in to********(sister or ******* better try ******)

7. simple idea better sit in you're home and hear you're scary stories from you're friends
8.better we will take rakhi and we will search the girls, city will be empty without girls.

9.send a message to you all girls that" I'm going to propose love to my sweetie on that day" ( sorry you cannot propose even to a female crow, all were feared about you're proposal.)

10. Atlast , a sweet idea  , ask the girl to tie you're friend ( now logic: if you're friend is brother (machi) then his sister can be married by you( don't know whether you understand this , if you're a tamilian you can know this funny concept).

i hope you got a idea , don't runaway just be cool.

                                                                HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN!! to my sisters