Do what you like

Life is a cycle we have to cross many kilometer's we may have some problem with it but we should solve it , to go forward. you can make sarcasm like actor siva by saying " I'm afraid off to take that cycle"[in saroja movie] .cinema is different from real life  and this is serious too.Do what you like , what it means when you are taking a decision about you're future or about something serious go ahead in you're way .don't get distracted what the surroundings shout at you.the people may kill you with their words but nothing can be succeeded without hard work and having passion about it.

i hear ed many real life love stories, even i love to hear like those the  surrounding's take in different type of situations:

*(based on true story): A girl from middle -class but the boy was rich ,both loved each other .at one situation this news came into the girl's mother ear . her mother was frustrated and she used to beat her daughter whenever  the boy appeared in her eyes. then her mother forced her to marry her brother . Do you know? the girl was married at the age of 19. even though boy was good and rich she forced her  because of one reason " what the surrounding will think about her and she was very much care about her dignity than her daughter's love.

But one thing is cleared if you care what other's will talk about you , you will loose your confidence .

For example: Take a village and  i was living there. total population of the village is 250. then if someone is coming  to you're village and they were asking about you :
 "100 peoples will say " he was good man "  and another 100 peoples will say " he was bad guy" and 50 peoples will talk good in front off you but when you turn back they will speak non-sense about you."

Again life is cycle , but there is end when we start. just pedaling from start line and finishing at end line is not our job we should  win many races  like problems in our life so don't care what the people talking about you DO WHAT YOU LIKE AND GO AHEAD  THEN SUCCESS WILL KNOCK THE DOOR