Why Fear? My 'Ism is here!

Periyar E.V.Ramasamy

                                                  Periyar E. V. Ramasamy Statue has been continuously attacked in Tamilnadu after Pulling down of Lenin Statue in Tripura. Periyar became Topic of the State after the Statue attack in Vellore. Whole credits go to H.raja, National Secretary of BJP. H.Raja has apologised for tweeting against Periyar, He also mentioned the tweet was posted by his Admin. 45 years have passed since his death, He is still conquering Tamilnadu with his Dravidian Ideology. The numerous protest happened against H.raja and BJP. Periyar jumps the bandwagon in social media with his Dravidian ideologies. Politicians of Various Parties raised voice together against the Facisim of Right Wing parties.

                     Periyar Statue attacked in Pudhukottai                                  

                                                           Periyar with his stick has been guarding us against Fascism in all forms. Periyar is not God where Statue plays the main role, For us, his 'Ism is Important. H.Raja may come in different roles in future but Periyar 'Ism taught us the difference between Humanity and Facisim.  Periyarism is about Self-Respect, Which talks about Feminism, Science and against casteism which ends in GOD. He asked people to be rational in their life choices. he focused on social, cultural and gender inequalities, and his reform agenda questioned matters of faith, gender and tradition.


                                                UNESCO awarded Periyar as "Periyar the prophet of New Age, Socrates of South East Asia, Father of the Social Reform Movement, and Archenemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners" -in UNESCO 27-6-1970.


                                                  Wherever Oppression encountered, Periyar stands with his Ideological stick to throw them away. Periyar is not Lord Ganesha or Sri Krishna to fear for attacking idols. During this situation Periyar with his Ideology speaking candidly,"Why Fear? My 'Ism is Here!"

"Man is equal to man. There should not be exploitation. One should help the other. No one should harm anybody. Generally, there should be no room for grievance or complaint from anybody. Everyone should live and let others live, with a national spirit". - Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

Senthilkumar Gunasekaran


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