am i irresponsible? last night  my heart was severely injured by a sensible man. he is  manager of  my school. i went to school normally and sat on the bench . i waited for the teacher, my friends came to the class. teacher entered the class. he is physics teacher. he started taking physics.

 the whole day went fine. the class is over now, i tried to walk out of the class, but the assistant of the school manager came and asked me stay in the class for five minutes. he gave last weeks physics test paper to my class students, i written well , i thought i will get through this test.

 but he gave all the paper to students. i asked him about my paper. he told me to meet the manager. i went the school office. he is in angry mood. i entered in, he searched my paper. it is under some bunch of papers. i can see the half the marks, it is only 14/75. very bad how is it possible? .

 he started murmuring  about marks, i don't hear to those idiotic noises. but his voice asks my soul, "why are you living? do you feel guilty about this marks, please don't waste your life here!" i feel bad about this marks,i will never never forget this scene in my life. i stand like statue for a minute. i cannot walk fast,i cannot talk loudly, i cannot enjoy those happiness, i cannot be a happy man like others.

something forces me. my mind says you should read well! but i studied well for last weeks test i don't know what is the problem but i got low marks.

i need some tears to get rid of this problem from my heart but i cannot cry. i said myself" i should get good marks next time" but my heart questions me every second" am i irresponsible?. hope i will get good marks next time.

still i don't know th answer" am i irresponsible?"