who make blunders in love?

love, a  magic part of life. everybody like to have love in their life. but the lovers are not moving in smooth way they also have some problems. if so, who blunder in love? i made a list , i taken some points  and i also give percentage for the each category . lets see.

first the persons blunder in lover is the lovers(both male and female)
male: he think he is superior than her, he knows everything , he try to do strange things in front of her. these extraordinary things will mess up then there will be a big fight with each . -55% male will blunder in love.

female:she thinks she is beautiful than the girls standing in front of his boy friend, feeling she is so cute,speaking boldly even thou it is wrong,speaking unnecessary ,watching like spy , knowing only half of the situations happening around her( you can see this type of scene in many films)-60 % female will blunder in love

siblings: brother and sister of both male and female will not help in love. they  often give bad ideas to cut down their relationship and they use to tell these things to their parents. -75% siblings will blunder in love

parents:some parents encourage and some of fight against them and some of them didn't mind about their children's . so no percentage for this category.
at last a important  blunder category,

friends:friends are important than those category , because giving bad and poor ideas like good one , helping friend with kind heart but if you see his side he will be poor in love  and he will have bad impression  among girls.they will enter into the love problem like to solve it, but they will became a big problem in that love. so 99% friends will blunder in love
so don't believe others ideas go in you're own way!!