top 10 replies during love proposal


i conducted  poll about girls replies during love proposal , i got many  replies from various people. here i have the top 10 replies.

1.idiot ( most of girls use this simple sensible word to thrash you guys) idea ( some girls use to say like this , because they don't know meaning of  "no idea")

3.we will be friends forever ( do you know ? getting friend as wife/husband , then your life will be smoother) 

4.i hate love ( she/ he hate love , don't know what means love,affection)

5.i hate you ( popular word among girls)

6.ouch! my parents will kill me( he/she is not caring about his/her future)

7.i should think about this (  i think you heard this word often from girls)

8.not now,later!( later when you get older)

9.i have to study( this is a popular word)

10.sorry ,I'm loving Justin bieber  ( i think you don't need any  reasons for this reply , i heard this word often  from girls and  a popular word too)