World Classical Tamil Conference 2010

World Classical Tamil Conference 2010 , this is the 9th official world tamil conference .it is going to be held in coimbatore from 23 to 27th june 2010.i posted this post because i'm a tamilian, i want to do something different so , i posted this post! it will be very help for you to know about this conference well.
The chairman of the conference is tamilnadu Chief Minister m.karunanidhi.

More than 400 journalists from India and other countries would take part in the conference. A 12,000 sq.ft. media centre would be established at a cost of Rs.71.25 lakh.There would be televisions and closed-circuit cameras. A special place was being earmarked for parking outdoor broadcast vans of television channels. There would be a marathon from various places to Coimbatore and a short marathon in other places all over the State. Students would participate in these, wearing T-shirts with the Tamil conference logo.

official blog:

official website:

this classical tamil conference have official song! the music was done by two oscar winner A.R.RAHMAN. it was directed by gautham menon.the lyrics were penned by karunanidhi.

the official song of this conference  is here :

i proud to be tamilian . i think this would be a good conference to development of tamil language in world.