god or evil

god or evil?did you seen them before ? or going to see in future? the world is round and we feel some force . but we cannot say it is god and evil. but i can tell you a thing" IF GOD IS THERE ,THERE WILL BE A EVIL DEFFO" . if there is good thing defiantly there will bad thing to destruct the good.

god or ghost both cannot be seen by eyes is the truth , then how can you say that they are roaming around us , its all fake or truth ?how can we believe it ? can we see them. these are the  doubts which arises in our heart .

it is good have god belief to control our self from doing bad things to this world. but people became mad on this and they try even some things which may harm their life. recently a man slashed his tongue, because of his belief in god in tamilnadu(Urban area)

it is clear the doubt will be doubt forever but don't try extraordinary things" life is a game just play it in your own way but don't exit the game you're self"